Stakeholder feedback

Young Person (describing why she designed 'The Cycle of Recovery')

This tells my story. From feeling helpless when I moved into the Nabb, where I started to feel safe, and gain confidence to now, recovered and back home, looking forward to my future.

Young Person (describing why she designed 'The Cycle of Recovery')

This tells my story. From feeling helpless when I moved into the Nabb, where I started to feel safe, and gain confidence to now, recovered and back home, looking forward to my future.

Young Person (emailed feedback to the Directors post-discharge from The Nabb)

My journey whilst at Cove has been a rocky one, I’ve had some ups and some downs but I can honestly say they have changed my life for the better.

I think what makes Cove stand out from all the other residential homes is the staff. They all go above and beyond their job role and they really do care. Cove Care provides stability, sanctuary and just a bit of normality that we all need in our lives.

Cove holds a special place in my heart and I can honestly say they are like my family, Cove made me the person I am today and I will be forever grateful.

'Engage for life' Young Person run Charity (feedback to the placement and Head Office following a joint work initiative with The Nabb)

Thank you very much for letting us complete our social action project with yourselves! We had a fantastic time and it was brilliant meeting you all, the staff are excellent and the young people really friendly and cool!

Young Person's Mother (written feedback to placement staff post-discharge after her 19th birthday)

When (young person) arrived at Coniston House we were already on an emotional rollercoaster. From the very first meeting until her last day we have been shown care, kindness and understanding and the utmost professionalism.

Every member of staff has been fantastic with (my daughter) and also taken the time to help me and explain each step. I would like to thanks each and everyone for keeping my daughter safe and helping her become the young lady she is today.

Young Person (feedback to Avenue House staff and management post-discharge)

Since December I’ve been in 2 music videos.

I’ve also been cast in an independent short film as the lead, I’m filming in October, showing at the cinema in November. I do hope you can pop down to see it!

I’m currently 4 weeks into my 3 month stay in America working at a Summer camp in Maryland, doing everything from camping to caving to climbing to survival to ropes to hiking!

AND ALSO I passed my driving test and have a car!

Thanks for everything guys, miss you all.

Member of staff at Cove Care (Feedback given to Management at The Nabb)

What we do so well is that we challenge our own thinking to adapt to the needs of the young person rather than challenging the young person’s view and experience of the world – It’s only then that we can truly help them overcome obstacles.  Through my own experiences I had always felt like a square peg being forced into a round hole having being diagnosed late in life with autism – Since starting at The Nabb through cove, I learned to love care work again. Because of the nature of the work we do and the understanding we have, I have been shown respect and given the right tools to be able to reach my own potential and in doing so showing our kids that it’s ok to be a square peg in this world. 

We don’t try and change our kids we nurture everything that’s amazing about them and embrace their differences. The only change we really want to see is how they view their selves.

Ex-Deputy Manager at Cove Care (Feedback given to Directors during exit interview from Avenue House)

The assistance provided and the expertise and insight you’ve shared with me in our field is invaluable. I consider you a mentor on both a professional and personal level, and I have learned so much while working for you … I will forever remember my time working here, how welcomed and settled I have felt within the Cove Care team.

AQA Training Provider 'Next Steps Life Skills & Training (feedback to Cove Head Office following a staff training session at Coniston House)

The visit to Coniston House was excellent yesterday and I was really impressed with the way the staff have taken on the AQA’s, they are truly a credit to your organization and I am really pleased to be working with and associated with you.

Social Worker, London Borough of Greenwich (emailed feedback to Registered Manager during young person's placement at Coniston House)

Can I say that I have been very impressed with the way you and your staff work … It really has been a pleasure working with you and I hope we can work together again in the future.

Business Relations/Commissioning Manager, Staffordshire County Council (feedback to staff and Registered Manager following Quality Assurance Visit of Coniston House

Thank you for co-operating with us regards to the Children and Care Council visit. The feedback was extremely positive, with the home being very welcoming and friendly. They were impressed with the quality of the provision and the care and mental health services being provided. This information was fed back to counsellors at Staffordshire’s corporate parenting panel and I have to say I was immensely proud, as it demonstrates we commission good quality placement. Keep up the good work! Please share this with the home.

Regulation 44 Visitor (feedback recorded during inspection of The Nabb)

(young person) explained that in her opinion the staff go above and beyond their job role. She gave examples including pointing to the birthday banner that the staff had put up for her birthday. She felt these things made the Nabb feel more like home, that JP and JM make sure that it doesn’t feel like a care home, and make it feel as close to her home as it can be.

Social Worker, Staffordshire County Council (written feedback to routine stakeholder views questionnaire, Coniston House)

Their (staff) knowledge (of mental health) has enriched our (local authorities) ability to meet the YP’s needs as such I have confidence in recommending The Cove’s ability to effectively safeguard YP experiencing mental health problems in a way which is child centred and compassionate.

Professional feedback