Specialist Residential Care for Children and Young People

Mental Health, Emotional and Complex Care Needs


Committed to Delivering the Highest Quality Care to Young People

Coniston House

The ‘flagship’ placement of Cove Care, a large detatched residence with provison for 5 young people and the staff team. The home has developed into an excellent service for young people, facilitating therapuetic change over the medium to long terms.

The Nabb

This is a homely, semi-detatched cottage residence with great character and provision for 2 young people and the staff team. The cottage is situated near woodlands in a secluded area; a beautiful area for walking and cycling.

The Heathers

The placement is a detached residience with provision for 3 young people and the staff team, with a large private garden and courtyard adjacent to the side of the property.

Avenue House

A large detached residence with provision for 3 young people and the staff team, with a large private garden surrounding the property.

Park Road CCT

Park Road is our flagship ‘CCT’ (Cove Care Transitions) home, a specialist mental health step down service for young people with mental health difficulties.

Cove Care is a truly unique service, operating within the social care sector, while aiming a range of clinical and social care services at young people with clear, or suspected, mental health needs.

Setting up Cove back in 2008, our goal was ambitious, but simple: to fill the gap in the sector with quality, specialist placements for young people, either who are being discharged from in-patient CAMHS and require skilled support and rehabilitation in the community, or as an effective, safe alternative to an in-patient admission. 

Now well-established with several residential placements within the West Midlands regions, and a clear plan for ongoing developments, we remain committed to this mission today.

We Provide a professional understanding of mental health needs in young people

Like the term ‘Cove’ (a sanctuary, a safe place, an inlet protected from the stormy sea) our specialist residential care environments  provide protection, warmth and consistency for those who use our services.

Other Services

Mental Health First Aid

Our in-house mental health training is extensive, and includes a range of supportive teaching sessions delivered by our qualified senior management team, and also ‘Mental Health First Aid (Young People)’ training.

Professional Psychriatric Liaison

With extensive CAMHS experience within NHS and independent sector services, our senior management team can liaise and communicate professionally with CAMHS teams and clinicians.

Model of Care

This model conceptualizes how we deliver care at Cove. It is envisaged that young people’s needs can be divided into the broad headings of their Safeguarding, Health and Success, and skilled Cove key workers, under the supervision of qualified mental health or therapeutic professionals, will assess these needs and devise specific care plans in each area.


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