Mission Statement

Cove Care is committed to delivering the highest quality of care to children and young people with complex mental health, emotional and behavioural needs. We do this across a range of specialist care environments: in community residential homes for under-18 year-olds; in transitions homes for the 16-25 year old age group; and in clinical healthcare settings. Like the term, ‘Cove’, denoting a safe place, an inlet protected from the stormy sea, our provisions provide protection, warmth and consistency for our young people, from the storms they are facing in their lives.

Our mission was born from our founding directors’ extensive experience within inpatient child and adolescent mental health services, and from their observation that there were very few specialist, community-based provisions for young people being discharged from hospital. So back in 2008 they set up Cove Care with that clear mission: to provide community residential care for young people requiring skilled support after leaving hospital, and also to offer skilled alternatives to hospital. The more recent (2021) development of Cove’s healthcare division, inspired by their observations at the time of the significant effects of the pandemic and early lockdowns, is, with the benefit of time, to deliver highly specialist inpatient care, assessment and treatment for the increasing numbers of young people experiencing mental distress and disorder. This range of community and inpatient services utilised in combination will provide an exceptional integrated care pathway.

With humility, we understand the demand for our specialism, and have a clear strategy for increasing our capacity, growth, and our quality, over the short, medium and long term. This strategy is even more paramount now, following the devastating and sudden passing away of Beverly Cyrus, one of our founding directors, in June 2023. Bev was synonymous with Cove Care, and now our amazing team at Cove Care are more committed than ever to achieve her ambitious and visionary plan, with renewed passion, for these young people and the specialist services she created.