Mission Statement

Cove is committed to delivering the highest quality care to young people.

Like the term ‘Cove’ (a sanctuary, a safe place, an inlet protected from the stormy sea) our specialist residential placements provide protection, warmth and consistency for those who use our services.

Our valued service users clearly include the young people and their families, and also professional stakeholders. We build fantastic relationships with organisations working together with us, evidenced by the outcomes our young people achieve; the feedback we get; and the integrity, professionalism and expertise we demonstrate at all times in our communications, assessments and interventions.

We add value to stakeholders by providing a degree of understanding in, and a quality of care around, the mental health of young people, which other providers do not. The professional and personal experience, skills and qualifications of our team operate a shining beacon, brightly reflecting our quality, and focus. Our service is truly unique: operating within the social care sector, while aiming our services at those with clear, or suspected, mental health needs. We understand the demand for our specialism, and have a clear strategy for increasing our capacity, without compromising quality, over time.

Finally, just as importantly, we are dedicated to developing our staff team colleagues to their highest potential, to enable the quality of our service to develop and continuously improve. In order to achieve this aim, we truly value the commitment and effectiveness of all employees. We promote a safe ‘Cove’ for our team in providing robust, comprehensive policies, quality support and supervision mechanisms throughout, and create working environments where lifelong learning and job satisfaction are facilitated.

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