Our Directors

Beverly Cyrus Director, Founder

Bev’s professional qualifications include RMN; Post-Graduate Certificate (Psychotherapeutic Interventions); Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy; Post-Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management; MSc (Psychotherapy); and the NVQ 4 in Management.

Bev Cyrus is a Registered Mental Nurse (RMN), with 25 + years NHS and independent sector experience.  Her wide range of experience has included adult, child and adolescent mental health, eating disorder and general acute.  Bev has had extensive experience setting up and managing specific mental health services for children and adolescents, having successfully led the opening and development of the UK’s first child and adolescent psychiatric intensive care service.  The immediate success of this cutting-edge independent sector service paved the way for many similar services developing across the country. Since then, she has further developed services for secure CAMHS, open adolescent and eating disorder provisions for young people. Bev has developed a range of clinical and management skills in the process, including leading and managing the range of clinical services within a busy mental health provision including therapy, social work, education, occupational therapy and nursing.  Bev has also retained a strong clinical involvement throughout her career, maintaining a caseload of service-users and being involved in front-line care issues on an ad hoc basis from a management position.

Lee Smith Director, Founder

Lee’s professional qualifications include RMN; Diploma of Higher Education; Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and Post-Graduate Diploma in Child Forensic Studies: Psychology and Law.  He has the NVQ Level 4 in Management.  

Lee Smith is a trained mental health nurse (RMN), also with 25 + years of post-registration experience within child and adolescent mental health, both in the NHS and independent sector.  He had early clinical posts within forensic, psychiatric intensive care and acute services, experiences which developed a strong professional foundation and core skills which include client-centeredness, care planning expertise, key working strategies with young people, leading facilitative and therapeutic group work, and brokering care from across interagency and multi-disciplinary teams.  Lee moved on to more senior posts including lecturer-practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist (adolescent secure services) and at nurse consultant level.  His professional activities have included setting up and chairing a national multidisciplinary group on the management of aggressive young people, a membership which included professionals from mental health, social services, Youth Justice, and education. Lee is currently leading a multi-agency group of professionals special interest group around the mental health needs of young people within residential care (the MHRCC group). 

Residential Support Worker

Residential Support Workers are responsible for supporting other members of staff in the provision of care for young people; ensuring young people retain as much of their dignity and individuality as possible as well as being involved in the general activities of the placement.

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Team Leader

The Team Leader will also be responsible for supporting other members of the team in the provision of care for young people, ensuring that they retain as much of their dignity and individuality as possible. This position will also be given additional responsibility to lead general activities of the placement to support the Home Manager.

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Deputy Manager

The Deputy Manager will be responsible for the management and supervision of both the Team Leaders and the Residential Support Worker team, working closely with the Registered Manager who will be on hand to offer support and supervision.

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Registered Manager

The Registered Manager will be accountable for the provisions of each resident's overall care, working in accordance with their agreed objectives, standards, policies and procedures to implementing and oversee their overall care plan. They will also have full responsibility for the day to day running of the home and supervision of the team.

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