Cove Care Transitions

Over the years, following the incorporation of Cove Care Residential, we have identified a further, crucial area of need: the well-publicised ‘cliff-edge’ drop in specialist mental health services for older adolescents transitioning into adulthood*. This national situation has been responsible for so many young people’s early-onset mental health conditions becoming chronic; acute relapses; poor social outcomes and living on the fringes of society and suicides. As a result, we have introduced our innovative Cove Care Transitions service – ‘CCT’ – to support these young people into early adulthood.

Our innovative CCT service ensures that our specialist residential mental health care doesn’t stop when a young person turns 18. Registered for the 16 to 25 year old group, CCT specifically addresses young people in all of the following ‘transition pathways’:

Delivering mental health and social care services through a multidisciplinary team including in-house Clinical Nurse Specialists, and a wide range of psychological and psychotherapeutic professionals, all supporting the skilled residential support work team, CCT provides professional mental health services, to the standard of in-patient tier 4 CAMHS, within the community in beautiful, homely environments.

A central task for CCT is in ensuring that the clinical aspect of the service does not eclipse the social / residential. This is a delicate balance: many young people need the close support and supervision of qualified mental health care staff but do not respond at all well to an in-patient environment; while others would automatically reject a service that is manifestly ‘professional / clinical’, due to previous poor experiences of these professional settings. CCT professionals ensure that they provide their experienced and highly skilled professional services through a seamless, low-key delivery.       

* Reference: Children and Young Person’s Mental Health Coalition (2019): It’s time to put an end to the cliff-edge: meeting the mental health needs of young people.