Professional Psychiatric Liaison

With extensive CAMHS experience within NHS and independent sector services, our senior management team can liaise and communicate professionally with CAMHS teams and clinicians. We share the same experience, perspectives and language whilst operating within the social care sector and can ensure liaison between professionals of different agencies regarding young people’s mental health needs.

Due to this specialist experience and skilled liaison, we are able to operate as an extended CAMHS team. We have supported many young people in their transition from in-patient CAMHS services back into the community through our residential settings, by providing skilled in-reach into the hospital prior to their discharge, supportive work in the key transition period as they leave hospital, often under the section 17 provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983 within our placements, and subsequently ongoing joined-up reviews which monitor the young person’s progress and ‘dovetail’ into their multi-agency LAC reviews and (where relevant) section 117 Mental Health Act 1983 arrangements for after-care.

Residential Support Worker

Residential Support Workers are responsible for supporting other members of staff in the provision of care for young people; ensuring young people retain as much of their dignity and individuality as possible as well as being involved in the general activities of the placement.

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Team Leader

The Team Leader will also be responsible for supporting other members of the team in the provision of care for young people, ensuring that they retain as much of their dignity and individuality as possible. This position will also be given additional responsibility to lead general activities of the placement to support the Home Manager.

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Deputy Manager

The Deputy Manager will be responsible for the management and supervision of both the Team Leaders and the Residential Support Worker team, working closely with the Registered Manager who will be on hand to offer support and supervision.

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Registered Manager

The Registered Manager will be accountable for the provisions of each resident's overall care, working in accordance with their agreed objectives, standards, policies and procedures to implementing and oversee their overall care plan. They will also have full responsibility for the day to day running of the home and supervision of the team.

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